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Covid-19 Care doesn't stop at hospital

Hand holding from Illness to Wellness in a healthy way.

Studies show that among patients with Covid-19 infection, more than 2/3rd of the patients show persistent symptoms for 2 months. Post-Covid care under expert guidance is mandatory for good health.


Post Covid-19 Recovery and Wellness Program

Expert Care

From doctors, Dietitians, Physical Activity Trainers.

Risk Stratification

To assess future health complications.

Medically Supervised


By Expert Infectious Disease Doctor

Treating Hospital



Health Awareness

For Post Covid-19 Wellness

Remote Monitoring 


Enables your recovery from home


Red Alert Identification and Escalation to the Treating Hospital

Lifestyle Advice

At the end of program

Becoming healthy is not difficult. With Us Around!

Success Stories

Hundreds of Covid-19 patients got benefitted by enrolling in our unique Comprehensive program.
Collaborated with leading Hospitals to extend our services to their Covid-19 patients.
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