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Reinventing Treatment Experience

Reinventing Treatment Experience

​Telling patients to do the right thing does not always work. Art of lifestyle transformation is persuasion

Our unique medical and lifestyle transformation protocol is packaged in a 100-day challenge to provide the most delightful treatment experience they have ever had


Sweet Circle of Doom

sweet circle of doom1_edited.png


Break the vicious circle

100-days Challenge
Medically supervised & Remote Care 
We make the frustrating lifestyle transformation fun 
We make the confusing 
choices simple
"Health Score/Coach"
We make the long hospital
waiting time short
"Remote care via. Mobile"
Becoming healthy is not difficult 
With us Around!

Radha Sridhar

60 Years/House Wife

"I was very skeptical when I started, as the program progressed I can see and feel the difference. Now I feel healthy, and I have more energy to do many things"

Success Stories

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