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Success Story:13 years of Diabetic Pain. Reduced Medicines/Insulin in 3-6 months of Joining Prevento

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Hi, My name is S. Navin Kumar aged 41 years working 20+ years in the IT industry and currently working for an MNC as an Advisory Project Manager.

I got diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 28 in Feb 2007.

At that time I was constantly hungry and eating and, also I had a severe urinary infection with balanitis or cracks on my genitals.

Initially the fasting was 313 and my postprandial glucose was 500+ with HbA1c at 10.5.

I have been on medication since then mostly oral tablets till 2013 after which I was switched to insulin + tablets to maintain the sugar levels.

I also gained weight in 2019 due to stress, leg ulcer and repeated UTIs and lack of support from counselling/proper dieting and eating outside very frequently.

I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had a slowly healing foot ulcer.

My family members were not happy with my excess weight and they told I had to take extreme steps to lose weight and undergo a change in my lifestyle with guidance.

They were always worried about my weight and depression and how it made me sluggish in life.

Though diabetic control was reduced to 7.4 by the new doctor, my weight was always high - 115-117 Kgs.

I used to undergo personal and physical training from 2010 - 2015 and stopped them after the same due to hectic work schedule, lack of motivation and also personal training had become very costly and unaffordable.

The same happened with my yoga trainer too.

I was doing badly in November 2019 with repeated colds and UTIs and was being treated by my new doctors at another clinic. My doctor who is also my elder brother's batch mate in medicine motivated me to join Prevento immediately to lose weight and boost my confidence.

I have no hesitation in saying Prevento has completely transformed me into a better person with conscious knowledge of diet, a sports trainer who charts my exercises and checks on consistency in doing it, daily log of my diet and sugar readings by the various members in Prevento.

Their dietician constantly try to make me improvise my diet and consciously introduced me to brown rice as part of lunch. I also had the privilege of saving an extremely good stress counsellor who made me draft a schedule of daily activities and helped me manage my stress and activities better.

When I fall sick, I call the dietitians and she immediately talks to Prevento's Doctor and gives me the suggestions to overcome the same.

The senior dietician and team gave me constant advice on avoiding carbohydrates and sticking to high protein diet which I am trying to follow consciously.

Stress counselling helped me to sleep properly which improved my health greatly.

They provide a holistic solution for a patient and also ensure to take care of us like a family members and they keep regularly calling to check on how the patient is doing physically and mentally.

They have also sent numerous videos and recipes on diabetes to increase our awareness for diabetes and help us understand the importance of keeping diabetes in check.

I highly recommend Prevento for similar diabetic patients like me who fail to understand what they are dealing with and I am proud to be part of the Prevento family.

My advice to diabetics to stay mentally and physically fit and use Prevento fruitfully.

I will definitely renew and continue my association with them.

Thanks Prevento!!

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