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My First Day At Prevento Health


With a sleepless night wondering what and how my first job would look like, the day broke with busy roads filled with commuters. As I reached the front office I was greeted with the most gracious smile by our Project Head Miss. Sowmmiya and Dietitian Surenther. After which a short tour into the office space was made and soon the first day of my dream career kicked off...

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”... is a well-known quote that hit me as soon as my day started. I was expecting a conventional orientation by the team members followed by a boring day at the office with not much to do, as it was my first day. But to my surprise, things were quite different (in fact a lot more different from what I imagined)

THE ONBOARDING... A clear agenda of what must be done was scheduled in advance and was handed over, I really was happy to observe that the team was very punctual, and they kept us occupied throughout the day. A well defined and interactive introduction session with the team along with Mr.Vijay joining us through video call was much welcoming.

“Expect the unexpected ” was the phrase that struck my mind when I was handed over the devices as I literally though that those things would take weeks to get there way to me.

AND THEN THE EXPERT ARRIVES... The most awaited moment arrived when Dr. Dharani Krishnan stepped in to the office and brief us on the program along with Sowmmiya. The hearty conversation was an “ice-breaking” session to be. The step wise approach of the entire program fascinated me as I really did not imagine that this program would have such informed, sound and well researched facts and strategies underlying. Along with such great content, I see a lot of responsibility and hard work that we had to put in to make this model of gamification and holistic health reach clients and revert diabetes.

THE SOCIALIZED INTERMISSION... With information loaded brains, it was time to fill our stomachs, the team lunch was a great way to socialize and get to know each other in an informal way, as we retreated our way back to our den we also had an opportunity to get an idea about the previous workplace. (Seriously a team lunch on the first day of my career is something I really didn’t not think of...)

A BUSY AFTERNOON... As I thought that things were coming to an end, I was again engaged by a meeting with elite doctors of the team, encouraging us and helping us feel home. A peep into what I must look forward in the training session for next couple of days has personally left me with the thought that “ Ya! There is lots to learn”. As I near the end of the day, this activity of penning down our first day at Prevento Health, I am left with an enthusiastic team looking forward to work wonders in helping people achieve health goals.


If I would take one message back home from a packed and interesting day it would be this...

“Together we grow!!!"

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