Success Story: Hear Mrs. Gothaipriya about her victorious journey - 21 Kgs lost in 5 months

1. Do you know that Lifestyle change is the only solution for Obesity?

By making some changes in our diet obesity can be reduced.

2. What was your initial feeling when you were overweight or gaining weight ?

Overweight is uncomfortable because whenever I go out everybody will advise me to reduce weight. Body pains while doing work.

3. What was your initial weight before joining Prevento Health and how long you were

maintaining the same weight ?

When I joined Prevento I was 120 kgs. It has been my weight for a year.

4. How did your family members react ?

At home everybody said being overweight is unhealthy

5. Have you ever consulted a dietitian/physical activity/Stress counsellor for Obesity?


6. Did you visit a doctor to address your obesity? If yes how frequently before joining the


No, not gone till now

7. Did you follow any Diet before joining Prevento ?


8. Did you follow any Exercise before joining Prevento ?


9. How did you get to know about Prevento Health?

My Family Doctor suggested Prevento Health

10. What was your initial take on Prevento Health before joining the program?

Prevento Health is giving good treatment for obesity and diabetes

11.How do you feel about Prevento health now?

There are lot changes in my physique after joining Prevento health

12. What challenges did you face during the program?

In the beginning I had difficulty following a diet chart. It was hard without rice food and I felt hungry in between meal time. But slowly I started following the diet chart.

13. How did you overcome the challenges?

  1. Doing wheat based dishes was difficult for me. There were a lot of dishes which I have not made. Now I got used to it.

  2. I did not know to do new dishes but my dietitian helped me a lot.

14 How did team Prevento help you to overcome your challenges?

a. To follow the diet chart, the Prevento team helps very well. Whenever there was any doubt dietitian clears it superb !

B. I Overcame early difficulties of physical activity with the help of the Physical Activity Instructor.

15. What did your Family members feel about the Program ?