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[SIZE=4]1) M8 cpu compatible code, with sound effects (a/c + sfx) [SIZE=4]2) Nowadays, "jazzier" than other programs: [SIZE=4] A) it's free and open source (free software) - and: [SIZE=4] B) it has a nice list-based interface. [SIZE=4]3) Use your SoundManager to play sounds from the LIST- of sounds. [SIZE=4]4) Some people use just the Noiser program directly, from the console. [SIZE=4]5) Cross Platforms - works on Windows, MacOS and Linux. [SIZE=4]6) Nowadays Noiser was made with the "Fairphone". [SIZE=4]7) High quality DSP code (consisting of all the sound files your app needs) [SIZE=4]8) MIDI can now be added: Noiser can be controlled from a MIDI Keyboard. (WYSIWYG) [SIZE=4]9) Seperate programs (to change tempo and/or volume): [SIZE=4] A) piano and drums - great, fast tempo [SIZE=4] B) guitar, drums, piano, bass - wuite slow tempos [SIZE=4] C) The Bass is great! [SIZE=4]10) Hardcoded can be changed - WYSIWYG (EASY) [SIZE=4]11) More than 12 levels of volume [SIZE=4]12) "Dark Mode" for easy use in the dark (or make everything bright!) [SIZE=4]13) MIDI support [SIZE=4]14) Footsteps can now be added (WYSIWYG) [SIZE=4]15) presets are in memory [SIZE=4]16) If you don't want to port the sound code to the M8 cpu, the code is in CSV format. [SIZE=4]17) The control-panel for MIDI sounds (list) can be used with other audio programs. [SIZE=4]18) Noiser now comes with 3 modes: [SIZE=4] A) Music, [SIZE=4] B) Bass Only, [SIZE=4] C) Drum-Only [SIZE=4] a5204a7ec7

Place your soundfiles in the "snds" folder and click on the Noiser logo. The Noiser application will open and you'll hear the Noiser make music out of your soundfiles according to some algorithms. Contents Screenshots Noiser 2 Screenshots Tutorial Important note: the sound files must be wav and should be 16 bits, mono! Install and run 1. Install the Noiser application as normal. No installer is required for any other version of vista, as the installation is simply a direct run. The installation notes describe how to install Noiser to the desktop, as it's likely you'll prefer this over the application. 2. To launch the application, right-click the Noiser logo and select "Noiser". The application will open in the system tray and make music out of your sound files. Opening the application 1. Right-click the Noiser logo and select "Noiser". The application will open in the system tray and make music out of your sound files. Note: the Noiser logo is colored red, because I'm designing a logo. You can change the color for that at any time (from the right-click menu). 2. The application is configured to always play the sound files in the "Main" folder. You can change the folder at any time by clicking on the File menu and selecting Preferences. To place the sound file in another folder, remove the soundfile and drag it into the desired folder. 3. To change volume, use the slider on the left hand side, which also allows you to mute the sound. 4. Select the filter you prefer from the menu on the left hand side, as indicated below. Important note: This filter is only meant to "filter" out the too-high frequencies on the sound files. For example, if you listen to a guitar, the effect may introduce a bit of high range distortion. Also, the filter does not automatically distort the sound file, although it does make it less transparent. This is because distortion is part of the sound file, and therefore is often part of the music. Filter settings 5. Select the time range you want to play through (from 0 to infinity) and select an interval (in seconds). Note: the sampling rate is constant, so the time range represents the total duration of the sound file.

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