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Why can't 

Weight Loss

be fun?


Weight Loss

Level 0 - Prepare to Win!


Is all about equipping you for the challenge and making you win! 

Level 1- Control (Stop Harming)


Completing this level successfully will ensure you would have reduced harming your body in short run and lose weight.

Level 2 - Weight Loss Management (Get Healthy)


Completing this level ensures Weight Loss and decreases your risk for long term complications,

Level 3- Weight Loss Happens


You will continue the journey of Weight Loss via lifestyle transformation.

Becoming healthy is not difficult. With Us Around!

​We have simplified Weight Loss Treatment in a fun-filled 100-days challenge combining: Medical, Diet, Exercise, stress, and sleep in one holistic program.

In this medically supervised program, you are the Hero, we (doctors, dieticians and health coach) are here to make you win.

Success Stories

Gothai Priya 

29 Years/ Home Maker

"I have reduced 20 Kgs in 6 months and around 12 Kgs in 100 days. Excellent Program for Weight Loss and Diabetes. Many people are wasting a lot of money for Weight loss, but not me with Prevento as a part of my family !!!"

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