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Why can't treating 


be fun?

​We have simplified diabetes treatment in a fun-filled 100-days challenge combining: Medical, Diet, Exercise, stress, and sleep in one holistic program.

In this medically supervised program, you are the Hero, we (doctors, dieticians, and health coach) are here to make you win.


100-day  Program

Level 0 - Prepare to Win!


Is all about equipping you for the challenge and making you win! 

Level 1- Diabetes Control (Stop Harming)


Completing this level successfully will ensure that you reduce harming your body in short run

Level 2 - Diabetes Management (Get Healthy)


Completing this level will reduce your reliance on medication and balance it with lifestyle to minimize mid-long term side effects of medication/disease

Level 3- Diabetes Reversal


The magic of reversing diabetes happens; you will start the journey of managing diabetes via lifestyle and with/without minimal medication

Becoming healthy is not difficult. With Us Around!

Success Stories

Radha Sridhar

60 Years/House Wife

"I was very skeptical when I started. As the program progressed I can see and feel the difference. Now I feel healthy, and I have more energy to do many things"

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